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🙌 Yes! We sit around and talk about YOU every single week!

We review last week, how did we fall short? Our ticket times, our order accuracy. We read every single review and feedback you gave us last week.⁠

This is a picture of our management team last week during our weekly Engineered Meeting. In the photo, you can see Khris (our O'Connor location GM), Wanjy (our director of Ops/ integrator), Torrey (our training manager), Kenny (our GM at 46 HW), Daniel, and Vanessa (our GMs at 3009 location) and of course Matt.⁠

Know that we are incredibly grateful for YOU and your business.⁠

Thanks for your grace when we fall short.⁠

Serving YOU lights us up!⁠

- Matt and Enga⁠

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