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MATTENGA'S n COMMUNITY: Career Day at Big Country Elementary

🍕Career Day at Big Country Elementary was just a blast. Loved the kids’ energy as we talked about being in the Pizza Business! Any child’s dream.. to have access to an unlimited amount of pizza 😂

Matt and I never thought we’d ever end up here. Before we bought a failing pizzeria in Schertz we had never worked a day at a restaurant.

All we had was the love of good pizza, and the love of serving others.

Here we are 9 year later, 6 restaurants. Unreal.

Through thick and thin of business, that passion and love has never changed and we are blessed to continue to serve this awesome community delicious pizzas 🙏

And yes, I told the kids to apply to work at

Mattenga’s in 12 years 😂 #AlwaysHiring

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