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August Impact Report

With school starting again, we know you’ll be busy and tired at the end of the day. Give us a call so we can take care of dinner for you. We can deliver hot, fresh food to your door without the messy dishes afterwards. Looking for something fun to do? Mattenga’s has 10” and 16” pizza kits that the whole family can participate in and make dinner together. We’d love to cater your next event; let us know how we can help!

Tuesday Teamwork: Aug. 3

The magic starts here with our secret dough recipe perfected by Ahmad. We make several batches daily allowing the dough balls to rise at least 48 hours before stretching into the wonderful pizza you enjoy. By allowing the dough to rise, it creates the airy, chewy texture we all love. It’s also very therapeutic making dough balls, a skill we all practiced in Kindergarten.

On Aug. 6, Mattenga's welcomed Kinder Haus Pediatrics to the community by serving them lunch. We're so glad to have them and hope their business is a huge success! Thank you ladies.

Teamwork Tuesday: Aug. 10

When we say App station, App stands for appetizers, but we also make pastas, salads and zeppoles here, too. It’s hard work and you need to be able to stay focused and multitask. There’s alot of prep involved cutting all the fresh vegetables, roasting the wings and cooking pasta all before the restaurant opens. We have a great staff dedicated to making these beautiful dishes so we have happy customers that keep returning for more.

On Aug. 12, we had the pleasure of feeding the Mayor and Selma City Council members before their monthly meeting. We appreciate how hard they work running the city and wanted them to have a nice hot meal. Thank you gentlemen!

Mattenga’s hosted the first fundraiser this year with Cibolo Valley Elem. on Aug. 18. We saw lots of dine in and carry out. Thanks to the community for coming out and supporting your school.

Mattenga's was pleased to help sponsor the Selma Jr. Police Academy the last week of July. It sounds like the event was very popular and everyone had a great time. Thank you Selma PD for sharing your career and time with the kids in the community.

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