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3/14 Pi Day: A Pizzamathics Lesson on why BIGGER Pizza gives you Better Value for your money!

3/14 is Pi 𝛑 day and it’s a day celebrated by pizza and math lovers alike. It also happens to be Einstein's birthday! I believe your viewers would love this Pizzamathics lesson demonstrated by an engineer who happens to be a pizzeria owner.

Hengam Stanfield, the co-owner of Mattenga’s Pizzeria in San Antonio, can provide a quick but interesting Math lesson using pizza:

But first, some basic Math concepts to review:

Pizza is a circle. And the area of a circle = π × (radius)2

10” pizza radius is 5

20” pizza radius is 10

When the square of the radius increases, the area of the circle gets bigger.

For example: A 10" vs a 20" Pizza:

10” pizza = 3.14 x (5)2 = 78.50 sq. inch

20” pizza = 3.14 x (10)2 = 314 sq. inch (FOUR times more surface area)

Here comes the more exciting analysis:

A 20” pizza is 4X more food (oZ, surface of pizza) than 10” pizza but only twice the price!

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