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Mattenga's trivia

The Vive Bene Wall Frame


💡“Vive Bene, Spesso l Amore, Di Risata MOLTO!” This is an Italian phrase that literally means “Those who love to laugh a lot often live well!" This message and sign is prominently painted in our Schertz location!

At Mattenga’s, we strive to create a family atmosphere where we treat everyone like a family. As a team, we laugh together and work through problems together. Like “Ohana” in Hawaiian! “FAMILY means no one is left behind!”

Today, remember to love and laugh a lot!  😂

The Scout Traits

💡 Looked familiar? Yes, these are the famous scout traits! Purposely displayed at our Schertz location, Matt built this during his time as a Boy Scout and advanced to the rank of Eagle Scout as an adult. Although these apply to the Boy Scouts, they are great teachings for anyone to follow.⁠

At Mattenga’s, these hang on the wall to remind us how we should serve YOU - our dearest customers. YOU deserve our very best, so we work hard to make your experience a great one!

The Mural

 Have you ever wondered what the story behind this beautiful mural inside Mattenga's - Schertz is? 

It was from the original owners that featured their family in the gondola. They called the restaurant Bellacino’s Pizza and Grinders back then. And now everyone’s favorite, Mattenga’s Pizzeria. We kept it to remind us of the rich Italian heritage of the original family and for everyone to enjoy the view.

Come over to Mattenga's - Schertz today, and take a photo of your family and friends with this lovely mural in the background while savoring every bite of our delicious dishes! 

Ahmad’s Paintings

💡 Did you know who the artist behind the hanging paintings on the wall in Mattenga's Schertz is? It is none other than Enga's dad, Ahmad - our wisest team member at the young age of 68 - who works in the morning, stretching the dough recipe he perfected. Ahmad was a painter before getting into the pizza business. His artworks are quirky and thought-provoking. But also, they are delightful and make the place fun! 

Visit us at Mattenga's soon to enjoy our delicious pizzas and other dishes, and we hope you also appreciate Ahmad's masterpieces as much as we do! 😍⁠

Tamara’s Painting 

🎨 Artistic talent seems to run in Matt’s family, too. Tamara Stanfield, Matt’s oldest sister, painted this beautiful picture that hangs above the front counter and bar area in Mattenga's Schertz. It was dated and signed by her last year. There is an image of the Air Force Drone on the top right. If curiosity gets the best of you, ask Matt for an explanation.😜  
Come, hang out with us today and savor our tasty food while enjoying the cozy ambiance! 😋


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