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10 Reasons to Why You Should Work at Mattenga’s


  1. The people.  This place feels like a family, where people are comfortable and friends with one another.

  2. 30% employee discount makes buying the best pizza in Schertz a no brainer that everybody takes advantage of.  And I mean EVERYBODY that works here.

  3. You get the opportunity to serve over 1,000 people a week as part of the Mattenga’s team.

  4. We believe in constantly investing in ourselves and in our people.  There is a ton of training and wisdom available that will train you for success in life.  

  5. The challenge: we are here to train you, not coddle you.  That’s what public school is for.  Join our team for the challenge!  It’s not easy to serve 1,000+ people per week.

  6. The most fun that can be had at a job can be found here.  We want you to give our customers a good time, so you need to be having a good time!

  7. You will learn so many things here: from stretching pizza dough to cutting pizzas to taking an order and serving our guests.  

  8. We have the best customers you will ever know.  They come often, and you will get to make so many friends just from meeting them.

  9. This is a local business, run by a family for other families.  The company is a family too, and you don’t want to miss out on a local experience that you can’t get at one of the big corporations all around Mattenga’s.

  10. Our core values are strong and they aren’t going anywhere.  We may make modifications to make them clearer and bolder, but we are who we are and we will teach you to discover who you are.  

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