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Job Title: Delivery Driver



  1. 18 years or older, available every Friday.  

  2. High School Diploma or equivalent

  3. >2 years of licensed driving experience

  4. A safe, operational vehicle

  5. No more than 2 moving violations in the past three years, no DUI’s.  

  6. If you are ticketed while working for the company and it puts you over the limit, you will be unable to take deliveries.  This can lead to termination due to inability to perform job duties.  

  7. Must be able to move fast, and mentally track multiple processes that are going on concurrently.  

  8. Must be able to smile easily and frequently

  9. Exhibit leadership, commanding respect and expecting excellence of yourself and those around you.  

  10. Must have or obtain prior to onboarding the Texas ANSI Food Handler’s License

  11. Safe, functional vehicle with enough gas  for the shift in the tank prior to the start of that shift

  12. Valid insurance, driver’s license & car registration.  Failure to maintain can lead to immediate termination.  

  13. Must be able to lift 50 lbs

  14. Must be able to work in a hot, stressful & noisy environment.  

HOW TO APPLY: Fill out this application form and submit. 

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