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Job Title: GEMTEC 

REPORTS TO: Managers/Leads


GENERAL DESCRIPTION: GEMTEC’s job is to take orders, make the orders and deliver them if possible within or better than our standards on a consistent basis.


  1. MUST be over 18 years old, available at least 4 days per week, including Friday or Saturday

  2. Friendliness is paramount.  

  3. Must be able to move fast, and mentally track multiple processes that are going on concurrently.  

  4. Must be able to smile easily and frequently

  5. Exhibit leadership, commanding respect and expecting excellence of yourself and those around you.  

  6. Must have thorough knowledge of the menu within 1 week of hire, as assessed by 90 or better score on the menu quiz. 

  7. Must be able to meet GOOD times on stretch and pizza making within 3 weeks of hire.

  8. Must complete FOH and HOH passports within 1 month of hire.  

  9. Must have or obtain prior to onboarding the Texas ANSI Food Handler’s License

  10. Must be able to lift 50 lbs

  11. Must be able to work in a hot, stressful & noisy environment.  

  12. Must handle cash with complete respect for it.  Theft is an immediate termination offense. Police report & charges pressed as a matter of policy.  

  13. Must have a minimum of 2 years of LICENSED driving experience

  14. Must have no more than 2 moving violations in the last 3 years

  15. Must have current car insurance at all times

  16. Must have and maintain a functioning and safe vehicle, with enough gas for a shift in the tank. 

  17. Copies of driver’s license (current), vehicle insurance and vehicle inspection (renew every 6 months) must be maintained on file at all times. 

HOW TO APPLY: Fill out this application form and submit. 

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